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Tim Gabrielson

Tim Gabrielson

Travels From: Minnesota

Types of Programs: Adult Keynotes, Entertainment, Non-Profit, Faith Based, Colleges & Youth


Comedian, magician, keynote speaker, and author Tim Gabrielson has two main goals when he steps on stage: 1) Keep It Funny, 2) Inspire his audiences to live well.

A native of Minnesota, Tim began performing at a local theme park at age 16. His comedic wit and natural timing combined with magical prowess quickly made him a park favorite. He soon became in-demand nationally for his riveting show combining clean humor and highly-skilled magic. It didn’t take long to gain the attention of agents and producers alike-which landed him fill-in spots for Vegas headliners like Ron Lucas and Mac King-before acquiring his own room on the Las Vegas Strip.

When Tim Realized, however, that his humor was touching lives by allowing people to see beyond their immediate hardships, he began infusing his highly-entertaining show with a simple and profound take-away message. His signature message about the power of positive choice, “Have a Good Day,” blends breathtaking comedy and magic with principles for creating a more meaningful and enthusiastic life-starting now. Today, Tim is a keynote speaker who blends comedy, magic, and inspirational principles as he presents to corporations, associations, non-profits, educational groups, and churches-equipping them to live with more joy and intentionality.

Tim’s presentations have exceeded 540 in a single year and has averaged 150 events per year for over 10 years. This has provided limitless exposure to every imaginable audience, which gives him the additional ability to handle any crowd. Tim’s “Keep it Funny” philosophy, as highlighted in his signature book, Lemons to Laughter, is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute on-stage presence. He prides himself in providing a clean presentation in which he takes it to the line, but never crosses. His increasing popularity has taken him from a best-kept secret among the college venue, to performing before large crowds, to presenting for prominent corporate groups, associations, schools, and churches. His wide appeal makes his presentation enjoyable and valuable tor all types of audiences.

Tim’s business is inspiring people through comedy and magic, but for this consummate professional, it’s much more than the tricks. “People are always talking about the technicality of magic. You have to be good, but the magic by itself can be meaningless. Do you entertain the crowd? Can you grab an audience in the first few minutes and hold their attention while teaching them a valuable take-away lesson? Do you inspire people to think differently? You can be a fabulous magician, but if you can’t entertain the crowd, and give them something of value to take away, people aren’t going to come back. I don’t want to be just a good magician, or a great entertainer. I want to ignite people to live happier lives.”