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Bobby Petrocelli

Bobby Petrocelli

Bobby Petrocelli

Travels From: Tampa, Florida

Types of Programs: Student, College/Universities, Adult Keynotes, Adult Educational, Parent Training


“An Authentic Message With Life Changing Results”

“A Heart ABOVE the rest.”

“The Power of Every Moment.The Importance of Every Decision”

Bobby Petrocelli’s story is one of personal triumph and hope following a devastating tragedy in his life. One night he went to bed in suburban America, a happy man with a loving wife. But when he woke up dazed in his kitchen, his wife was dead and his life forever changed. The pickup truck that crashed through his bedroom wall was driven by a man who was more than twice legally drunk.

Bobby Petrocelli, M.A., CSP – based out of Tampa, FL, Bobby Petrocelli is an engaging presenter, author, educator and coach. With almost 2 decades of professional speaking experience, he has become a leading voice in the educational field. A former teacher, counselor and coach, Bobby’s contagious zest for life and sincere love for people are communicated through his message. Those who experience him, leave motivated by his awesome stories and refreshed by his charismatic personality. By no means is Bobby a victim, He has taken a tragedy in his own life and turned it into a platform to radically impact lives forever. Bobby undoubtedly harvests the energy of 10 speakers. He never fails to captivate his audience with his expertise and powerful message. Mr. Petrocelli has been described as Real, Relatable, and Relevant.

Founder of his non-profit organization, 10 Seconds, Inc., Bobby has had the privilege of inspiring millions though personal, television, and radio appearances. He has worked with the NFL, Collegiate Teams, as well as.. He has been featured on; MSNBC, Lifetime and The Family Channel. Bobby has been a television host for “That Teen Show”. He has also authored and co-authored 13 different motivational books with over 500,000 in circulation. Included are best sellers, “Triumph Over Tragedy” and “10 Seconds Will Change Your Life Forever.” Additionally, Bobby recently won the prestigious “Telly Award” for his television appearance on overcoming obstacles.

With passion and high energy, Bobby’s humorous and personal style compliments his message of challenging people to unimagined significance. From beginning to end, Bobby holds his audience captive ready to TAKE 10 – ten seconds to change their life forever.

Lastly, Bobby is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation of the National Speaking Association and International Federation of Professional Speakers. He has become one of the most sought after speakers in his field.

Customized Programs

“Triumph Over Tragedy”

Bobby’s triumph over tragedy will instill Faith, Hope and Love as it changes your life!

Bobby’s life changing story is one of personal triumph – instilling hope and courage in all of us. One night he went to bed in suburban America, a happy man with a loving wife…but when he woke up, dazed in his dining room, his wife lay dead and his life forever changed. The pickup truck that crashed through his bedroom wall was driven by a man with a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit.

Suggested Use: Excellent for Keynote Address or “Feature Presentation”

Target Audience: All age groups (especially good for teenagers and college students)

Program Feedback: “I have listened to speakers before and most of the time I never really think about what they had said on that day, weeks later. This was different. I remember it all and I wanted to tell you how it effected me. Thank you for speaking at my school. It was an amazing speech that I will never forget.”

“10 Seconds.Can Change Your Life Forever”

Discover the power of one decision.

Each life’s choice impacts our future. We construct our life’s foundation; one brick; one decision; 10 seconds at a time. This presentation provides insight into responsible decision making. The better prepared our foundation is, the greater our chance is for success, significance and fulfillment.

Suggested Use: Excellent for Keynote Address or “Feature Presentation”

Target Audience: All age groups. Seems to have a special impact on teenagers and college age students.

Program Feedback: “I thought that you had the best motivational speech skills that I have ever seen. You were really funny, and right to the point – which really gets through to kids my age. I have Attention Deficit Disorder better known as ADD. But because I have this disorder sometimes I have a hard time paying attention and often I am “off task” as most of my teachers put it. But when you were talking in the assembly it wasn’t hard to focus about what you were saying I was always on the edge of my seat ready to hear what you were going to say next. The things you said really stuck in my mind – like about ten seconds can change your life and about the terrible accident (that I am so sorry about) and the part about learning from your past.”

“Virtue Reality”

Have we lost our Edge? Whatever happened to the essentials of good character?

For us to be significant, we must return to “Virtue Reality” consisting of…Responsibility, Courage, Loyalty, Compassion, Honesty, hard Work, Self Discipline, Faith, Persistence, and Friendship. This program inspires the “Virtues” in all of us.

Suggested Use: An excellent Workshop program. Begin with a small presentation and move on into the Workshop.

Target Audience: All age groups.

Program Feedback: “Never have I been inspired, or even felt the way I did, when a guest speaker has ever come to our school. When I entered the auditorium, I thought, “Oh great, another lecture.” I was actually planning on taking a quick nap…because that is what I have been doing for all the assembly this year. But, as soon as you began to speak, you had my complete attention, and did not lose it once through the assembly. So, thank you very much. Everyone should hear you speak, you are amazing.”

“Making A Difference 10 Seconds At A Time”

Learn how to bring help instead of hurt to a dying world. Learn to SEIZE the moment! Learn how to empower life instead of death to others in your life with each of your actions, decisions and words.

It is the little things that make the greatest difference. It’s the smaller increments of time that have lasting impact! Whatever we put our time in is what we will be successful in.

Suggested Use: A perfect In-Service and/or Workshop program.

Target Audience: Adults (parents, teachers, educators, administrators, youth leaders, etc.)

Program Feedback: “I just have to commend you about your great motivational speech. Your words had me laughing to tears and later just to tears. I have seen countless numbers of guest speakers, and by far you are the best. I purchased your book and cannot wait to finish reading it. And once I finish reading it I am making all of my close friends read it. I just wanted to write because you story really has effected me. It has already helped me make the right decisions just two weeks later. Thank you.”

“Life After Loss”

Learn how to get the best and make the best of your circumstances. Learn how to face each curveball life throws and hit it with AUTHORITY!

How do we recapture life? Each one of us either have or will experience loss.  It’s not what others do or don’t do to or for you, but HOW YOU RESPOND TO YOUR SITUATION!

Suggested Use: An excellent Workshop program. Begin with a small presentation and move on into the Workshop.

Target Audience: All Age Groups

Program Feedback: “A couple years ago, my sister died. We were close and when I heard, I didn’t really know how to handle it. I was sitting at my kitchen table doing my homework, when I heard what had transpired. I was only in seventh grade, but I remember every detail. I cried at first, but stopped because I thought I should be strong. I never cried again. I kept my feelings locked away, and all to myself. Now that I’ve heard how you handled tragedy, I see that its ok to show how you feel. I have a whole new outlook on life. I’m trying harder in school, and on my basketball and swim teams…. I really wanted to thank you for everything, but especially on how to handle life’s curveballs, and how to hit them out of the park.”