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Aric Bostick

Aric Bostick

Travels From: Texas

Types of Programs: Student, Colleges/Universities, Adult Educational, Parent Training


Aric Bostick is one of the nation’s top motivational speakers and success trainers with the keen ability to inspire teens from all walks of life to believe in themselves, set goals and follow their dreams; and encourage parents and teachers how to connect and model this message for the young people in their lives. Aric travels all corners of the United States sharing with students, parents and educators the tools needed to live a fulfilling, successful life. Aric believes every student can achieve his or her goals if given the motivation and tools necessary to do so.

Why did Aric become a motivational speaker? Simple. To challenge students to dig deep. To give them hope. To change their lives just like the coach who inspired him when he was a teen.


Aric is proof that setting goals and striving to live your dreams can happen no matter what your circumstances. He understands from personal experience that many students don’t have the “perfect” home life. Divorce, emotional neglect, instability and verbal or physical abuse can certainly create a sense of self-doubt and can hamper one’s ability to achieve in school and in life.

Aric faced some of these very same circumstances as a teen, but rather than surrender, he decided to harness his energy to do something positive to change things in his own life.

That’s why in high school, Aric decided to leave his mother’s home in Houston and move back to San Antonio with his father. He was determined to make a change not only in where he lived but how he lived his life. So he began accompanying his father, a recovered alcoholic, to hear inspirational speakers and participate in deep therapeutic sessions. These experiences taught Aric how to take personal responsibility for the way he thought, the way he behaved, and -ultimately- what he achieved in life.

Aric began that quest by going to college and becoming a teacher at San Antonio’s Judson High School. He saw that his students needed someone to help guide them and inspire them, just as he had when he was a teen. It became his mission to help his students overcome the personal stories that were holding them back. He started by launching an after school program called the Goal Setters Club. He quickly saw how powerful this experience was and what a difference it made in students’ lives. So he decided to reach as many students as possible, and that’s how his career as a motivational speaker came to be.

In the past decade, Aric has spoken to over a half million students across the United States on how to be true to themselves; to live their dreams, not someone else’s. He teaches actionable lessons on how to succeed at the game of life, by making good choices, staying in school, being a role model and helping others see their own potential.

Aric’s presentations and workshops for parents and teachers are just as powerful: firing them up to make a difference in young people’s lives, showing them what it takes to be a great parent and teacher, and sharing with them the communication and motivation tools he’s found work with students.

Aric’s motivational messages are empowering and infectious.

See more videos on Aric Bostick’s Youtube channel.

Customized Programs

Student Keynote: HEROES ROCK!

R – Get Real about who you are, who your not and who really want to be!
O – Be Optimistic that your goals and dreams are possible no matter what challenges you
currently face!
C – Build Confidence by taking action everyday toward your goals and making the right
choices that support your life’s dreams!
K – Be Kind to everyone on your path to success, they will follow your lead!

Students Will Learn How to:

  • Overcome their past and create hope for their future!
  • Create a vision for what they want in life and take action to make it a
  • Be a real HERO by spreading kindness to all those they meet and lead
    by example!

Student Workshop Description: HERO On Duty!

“What you do speaks louder than what you say!”
Webster’s Dictionary defines a Hero as any person admired for courage, nobility, and regarded as an ideal role model. It is hard to be a Hero but heroes are what we need to
change our schools, our communities and our world. Are you up for the challenge?

Students Will Learn How to:

  • How to Create a Dream Map
  • Set Goals and Make and Action Plan to Achieve Their Goals
  • 3 Simple Actions Every Student Can Take to Make a Difference
    Everyday at Home, School, their Community and our World!

Student Workshop Description: How to be AWESOME4LIFE!

Students will learn 4 life-changing strategies to create a life that they truly
want. They will learn how to:

    • Live life to the fullest
    • Integrate goal setting into daily life
    • Focus their attention on their dreams every day
    • Empower themselves to in spite of challenges they have faced.

Students doing this workshop will get free success tools to use after the
workshop from AWESOME4LIFE.COM.

Educator Keynote: From Burnout to Breakthrough

“Simple Strategies the Everyday Hero can take to keep their fire alive!”

Being an educator, counselor or youth advocate is one of the most rewarding occupations
in the world. However, it is also one of the most challenging, underappreciated, and
exhausting jobs one can possibly take on. If you have ever lost your focus, lost your
passion or simply felt burnout by the enormous task of being all things to all people
then this workshop will be just what the doctor ordered. Get ready to be rejuvenated,
refocused and fired up to make a difference once again!

Attendees receive a Burnout to Breakthrough guide and Will Learn How to:

  • Remember your purpose and rise above the bureaucracy and trivial
  • Build lasting relationships with your students that keep you energized
  • Happiness and Health Tips that will keep your tank full so you have
    more to give!

Parent Training Workshop: How to be an AWESOME Parent!

“7 Steps to Being the Parent You were Meant to Be!”
Being a Parent is the toughest job on the planet. It is the only job in life that you will never lose, never quit or ever get fired from. There are no qualifications to be a parent and few parents are ever taught how to do the job of parenting well. Until now! There are 7 simple steps every parent can take each day to be an AWESOME Parent! This is a can’t miss message for any parent wanting to change their life and inspire their children to follow their lead!

Parents Will Learn How to:

  • Create a loving relationship with their children
  • Accept their children as they are and encourage them each day
  • Model success and self – esteem by walking your talk and pursuing your own goals and dreams