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Adair Cates

Adair Cates

Travels From: Atlanta, Georgia

Types of Programs: All adult programs, teacher district in services


Adair Cates is on a mission to empower and inspire others to be their happiest and best selves so that they can be more effective in all areas of their life, but especially in their careers. In the last eight years, she has taught in six schools from middle school to community college, written a book, started her own business as a trainer for businesses and organizations, and learned a lot of valuable life lessons to share with you.

Today, she is full-time Product and Implementation Trainer at Rosetta Stone who also speaks to audiences sharing stories, examples and tools to inspire them to stop living “in tension” and to start living with intention. Her book, Live with Intention: Ten Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams, presents readers with a blueprint to create a successful and fulfilled life. Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Author Jack Canfield, said about Adair’s book:

“Getting clear about what you want to be, do and have in life and writing down your intentions are two important factors in creating the life of your dreams. In Life with Intention, Adair provides you with the perfect tool to get you started on your journey. If you’re ready to create something new in your life, this book is for you!”

Some of her past clients include: AmeriCorps, Banana Republic, JHM Hotels, Silpada Designs, Mountain Bizworks, Unviversity of North Carolina at Asheveill and the North Carolina School Counselor’s Association. She has appeared as a featured guest on radio and television shows and makes regular media appearances relating her passion, living with intention, to many current topics and events.

Adair has an MA in Spanish Education from Appalachian State University and a BA in Journalism and Spanish from the University of NC at Chapel Hill. She is currently working on her PhD in Training and Performance Improvement at Capella University. Adair is one of Bob Proctor’s (featured in the book and DVD The Secret) LifeSuccess Consultants and has trained with many of the giants in the motivational industry.

Adair and her musician husband Chris live in Atlanta with their dog Mozart and two cats Lionel and Wario, where she enjoys reading, writing, running and volunteering with Girls on the Run.


Goal-setting / Creative Visioning:

Live with Intention

You have two choices in life: to react to what life gives you or to take a stand for what you want. Unfortunately, most people choose the reactive instead of proactive way of life. But no matter where you’re starting, it’s simple to live with intention. Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, create a vision for what you want to be, do and have and identify action steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Learning Objective: Learn practical steps to set both personal and professional goals, and be inspired to achieve them with creative visioning and deliberate action.
Length: 1 hour to half day.


Lead with Intention

The number one reason today’s leaders aren’t as influential as they’d like to be isn’t because they aren’t working hard, it’s because they spend too much time reacting to what’s wrong and not enough time proactively creating what works. To be an inspiring leader, you must be clear, confident and connected within yourself in order to impact others. Learn to apply the four A’s of leadership, and transform yourself into the kind of leader that others want to follow.

Learning Objective: Identify current leadership strengths and learn how to be the best leader you can be from the inside out.
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Focus / Productivity:

Focus Pocus: A Simple Process for Explosive Results

Most people don’t get what they want because on their way from “here” to “there,” they focus on the wrong activities. Learn a fast, focusing formula and a simple, surefire process to shift you from inaction to empowerment. Getting from where you are to where you want to be isn’t hard work, it just requires some intentional focus.
Learning Objective: Learn and apply a focusing tool to help you achieve your goals and to support you in being more effective at work.
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Stress Management:

From Tension to Intention: Practical Ways to Power Up Your Life

When faced with overwhelm most people either run and hide or simply work harder. Overwhelm robs us of our peace of mind, our clarity and our ability to accomplish long-term goals. It is one of the quickest ways to short circuit success no matter how good your plan. Truly successful people know that sometimes you have to stop, assess and set intentions. Learn a proven system that you can apply right away to lift you from the inaction of overwhelm into the empowerment of do it now!

Learning Objective: Learn how to stop living your life “in tension” and to start living with intention, focusing your energy on being your happiest and best self so that you can maximize your impact and effectiveness.

Length: 1 or 2 hours

* All programs are customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. If you don’t see a program specifically targeting one or more of your training goals, contact Adair about creating one. *