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Besides being a speaker bureau, Defining Moments aims to assist speakers in authentically and effectively branding and marketing themselves. Through partnership with our sister marketing agency, we offer hand-selected experts for services ranging from consulting to web design to publishing. Whether you seek direction in defining your branding, project management, or a book or product development, we have the consultants and experience to define your vision and deliver it as a reality. Below is a list of some of our services, but please contact us for a free consultation. We can then suggest a starting place that matches your desires, at a competitive price.

What Defines Us: We only hire consultants and staff who align with our core value of making this experience a Defining Moment for you. We also listen to your needs, and treat your bank account as if it were our own, only recommending the services which we think you will benefit from. We are different from other big marketing firms, in that we hire only the best, on contract, and strive to earn a relationship with you from start to finish.

For more information on our Speaker Services or Packages that are listed below, please contact us.

Consulting Package
Before you go on vacation, you need a road map, or at least a ticket to your starting place. Let us be your “friend” who listens and directs your steps, refining your “brand” (even if that be you), and creating an action plan. Whether you have a product idea you want advice on, or a network you want help developing, we will help you safely and successfully navigate ahead towards your goals. Our experts have owned companies, and successfully answered many of the questions you may be facing. We also know many people, and gladly share our contacts if we think they will help you get there faster.

Lead Generation Package
Whether you have years of experience out as a speaker or if you only have a few years under your belt, you need to be contacting potential meeting planners and executives who will book you. If this process overwhelms you, or if you want a third-party to assist you, let us take the load off of you and do the dirty work of contacting groups. At the end of our time working with you, we will hand over all leads we developed.

Web Development/SEO Package
Whether you already have a website or not, we can direct the creation or optimization of your information in an easy-to-navigate, sales-driven manner. We work with copywriters and experts in content management systems like WordPress, so that you can integrate a blog and social media, as well as SEO.

Social Media/Blogging
Social media is the new press release. It’s less expensive, more creative, and you control who you reach. If you aren’t sure where to begin on places like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or how to handle blogging, let us help you create a presence and following, while having fun in the process. Our expert writers can even ghostwrite blog entries and statuses that match your voice and style.

Publicity/Collateral Marketing
We can help you write a press release or article for placement, formulate a media cover letter, and target the magazines, radio, TV and blogs you need. Our publicists have also worked as editors, so they know what works, and what doesn’t. We can also coordinate the production of collateral materials like postcards, flyers, and more, that match your overall image and message.

Publishing Services
Our experts can ghostwrite, edit, and turn your ideas into a book. We can help you get published, by writing a proposal, pitching publishers, negotiating your contract, and following through with all the details. Or, if you prefer to self publish, we’ll set you up with the best designers, printers, ISBN, and distribution options.

Project Management
Do you have a project you want to step aside from, so that you can focus on your creative endeavors? Let us manage it so that deadlines are met and goals are exceeded.