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Why chose Defining Moments Speakers Bureau when I can contact the speaker directly?

Planners who do not have the time or energy to diligently search for the best speakers for their events, and have instead quickly picked speakers who were not up to their expectations, have experienced repercussions. Defining Moments Speakers Bureau aims to eliminate your risk associated with choosing a speaker, by carefully screening the speakers we represent. In other words, we want you to rest assured that we will do all the work in researching the speakers and matching them to your exact event needs. We can offer you with a broad range of speakers to choose from, and will do everything in our power to make you look good from start to finish in your event. Each speaker has an individual page that provides you with everything you would need for the booking (promo material, bio, introduction, A/V needs, etc.). Or, if you’ve had a speaker recommended to you who you would like for us to research, we will gladly provide you with information to help make your decision an easy one.

How does Defining Moments Speakers select the speakers it represents?

We know that any speaker you bring in can either make or break your event. We assure you that the speakers we provide have a proven track record in not only their expertise, but also their speaking career. It is our goal to see every speaker live at least once to guarantee that you will be satisfied by each speaker that you bring in from our website. If we do not like or approve of the speakers when we see them live, we will not have them on our site, period.

What does Defining Moments charge for their services?

Our services are completely 100% free of cost to the clients. Because of our wonderful relationship with the speakers we specifically sought out for our site, and our desire to partner with them on a personal level in joint efforts to make your event a very memorable experience from start to finish, the speakers pay us out of their quoted fees. Defining Moments Speakers Bureau serves as the contracting agency which helps to coordinate the details for the speaker’s appearance without getting in the way of your one-on-one relationship with that speaker–thus saving the client and speaker time, effort and money.

What types of clients do we work with?

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, associations, organizations, non-profits, educational groups (teachers/district meetings), student assemblies, student organizations (FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, etc.), churches and small businesses/groups. We love the broad range in our clients because it allows us to bring in amazing speakers all over the United States for all different kinds of events! If you are a group that is looking for a speaker, we will help find speakers that fit your specific needs.

Why are there ranges for speaking fees?

Not every meeting is the same, so not every keynote, workshop or training session will require the same type of presenter. The difference in the ranges can also be due to the difference between a keynote, workshop, training session, or a full-day presentation—as well as the difference in the experience level and demand of the presenter. Defining Moments Speakers Bureau can help negotiate your budget with the speakers’ fees in some cases. We want to provide you with a great speaker to not only fit your group but also your budget!

How do I book a speaker from Defining Moments Speakers?

We will check the availability of your event’s date with the speaker’s calendar and determine the speaker’s fee for your group so you can make an informed decision for your meeting. If the fee is agreeable to you, we will proceed with contracting the speaker for your event and promptly providing the paperwork for you to sign–for your convenience and security. If you need a short period of time to make your decision regarding the speaker, we can place a hold on the speaker’s calendar in order to give you a window without losing the date.

Will I be able to speak directly to the speaker to ensure he/she has all my needs met for our event?

Absolutely! We may gather information from you so that we can send it to the speaker for him/her to be prepared and look over prior to a scheduled conference call. Defining Moments Speakers Bureau will be more than happy to coordinate a time between your agenda and the speaker’s that will work the best for the call.

Can Defining Moments Speakers help us obtain books or products from the speaker we are bringing in?

Absolutely! On each speaker’s page, we have their books and products listed with a description so that if you are interested in pre-buying the books or products for your audience members, you know what each speaker has currently available. Most of the speakers offer a discount for the “bulk” orders. Prices are not listed for the speaker’s products because the speaker will quote a fee per order that comes in, based on quantity and price.